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Circa 1890-1920, this is an old railway oil lamp very likely to have come from South Africa.  The mark on the base as seen in Photo 2, indicates this is the country of origin.

Our electrician has converted it to electricity to comply with UK specifications and it now takes a single pygmy lightbulb.

The old black frame and original red glass are both in good condition with no signs of repair or damage.  The light measures 40cm in height up to the hook at the top of the frame and 52cm in height if you include the handle.  At the widest point it measures 21cm; the glass shade is approximately 20cm in length.

This red lamp would have been used for signalling one side of a train and there would have been a green light for the other side.

We have included the cost of postage and packing within the UK mainland only, but for other areas and abroad, please contact us for a quote for delivery.


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