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Circa 1900-1930 this is an original Railway gas lantern, recently converted to electricity and wired by our electrician to comply with UK regulations.

It has all the original parts, including the clear glass shade with a small purpose made hole in the base which would have allowed the heat from the gas light to escape.  The enamelled rim unhooks to allow the shade to be pushed through and it holds it securely into position.

The ‘on’ ‘off’ chains are still in place but our electrician has soldered the central bar into position to prevent wear with the new electric cable.

The light measures 67cm in length from the hook at the top to the very base of the shade; the enamelled shade is 40cm in width and the glass shade is approximately 17cm in length.  The still bar holding the On Off chains is 31cm wide.

It can be viewed in the Surrey area, and we can arrange for quotes to be given for delivery.


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